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Susanne Boehm
I wrote this poem at the time that Bob was building his "dome." Ralph and I were invited out one day to take a look at the progress that had been made and we were amazed. We actually did see a number of deer and maybe the rabbits I mentioned in the poem. I must have been impressed because I am rarely "moved" enough to put a poem together, unless it's a jingle for someone's birthday party. I always knew Bob was creative, but I never dreamed he had the talent and stamina to build his own home. I believe he could accomplish just about anything he put his hand to!!

To Bob Lauffer, "The Master Builder"
(with Love From Susanne & Ralph Boehm)
By Susanne Boehm

Like a settler from the Golden West
he came.
Dark of eye and long of mane,
Bob Lauffer was his name.

A pick and shovel in his hands,
he scorned the cold and rain,
And the wind chill factor he did ignore -
even when it was minus four!

To Apple Mountain Peak climbed he,
an astrodome he raised.
A tetrahedroned edifice -
his ingenuity be praised!

An electric saw he found was handy
to be his modus operandi.
So he cut the wood 'til it was just right
to make the lofty beams.
Then he fitted them together tight
in the pattern of his dreams.

Large holes he dug
to run pipes through
in spite of ice and snow.
Warmed only by a kerosene heater,
our Bob refused to go.

And now, at last, the bathroom works,
the floor's put down sans fuss.
The beers are cold inside the 'fridge -
There's room for all of us!

Now his new address is a wildlife park,
with deer, jack rabbit and meadowlark.
And Bob vows nowhere he'll ever roam
far from his Apple Mountain home!

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